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September 16, 2011

Social Marketing v. Social Media - And Them Cowboys?

Once again the Dallas Cowboys let a game they weren't supposed to win slip away from them in the 4th quarter. Again it was Tony "oops" Romo that had a hand (or "didn't have hands") in the loss. I can't blame it all on him as I saw many problems that led up to the defeat. I, as a master football coach of 4-6 year-old flag football, could write multiple paragraphs on that subject, but because this is a social media blog, I will get back on topic.

After last night's "4th quarter of doom" that probably led to crazy nightmares for my sleeping kids (I may have been yelling loudly and often), I decided to open Twitter to see what everyone in the world thought about the game. I have to admit I was a little shocked at how many Cowboy haters are out in the wild. Of course the game was trending, and the conversation was ... diverse: You had your die-hard Cowboy fans that were saying, "Shake it off, you weren't supposed to win anyway." You had your fair weather fans that were saying, "Great, another season opener loss, I guess I'll follow the Texans instead." You had the fans of other teams that were saying, "Haha, the Cowboys lost again – Go (Insert your team here)!" And, of course you had the pure Cowboy haters who were saying, "#$%^#$%^#$ the Cowboys they #$%#$% and #$%# and then #$%#$%. Eat it!" I would say most were Cowboy haters, and most of the tweets were not even close to being rated PG-13.

Stay with me now ... I'm finally onto the real topic.

Social Media
What I saw on Twitter last night was real Social Media to me. It was current, real time, opinionated, cool and sad all at the same time. It encapsulated the thoughts and reactions of the public to something that was happening or just happened. Why is social media cool? A couple of weeks ago when the earthquake struck the northeast, people were saying that they received tweet updates of the ground shaking and notifications that an earthquake hit seconds before they felt the tremors in their area. Think about that and how many possible uses that has in lots of different industries. X happens, Y needs to know about it right away, Z tweets it or posts it on Facebook (or any of the 2000 other social apps out there), and like magic you have the information almost before you are supposed to. That's viral social media.

Social Marketing
Social Marketing isn't nearly as sexy. It's only and exactly what it sounds like. We do it at SoftLayer: You see tweets from us talking about press releases, new products, our new website, our new international locations and some of the other value we provide to customers because we know how easy it is to miss some of the best stuff in the noisy social sphere. It helps us build our brand and helps with awareness by getting our name in front of people who may not have seen it otherwise. It drives traffic to our website and straight to our order form. It is significant to our bottom line.

The challenge with this kind of engagement is that the volume of content can seem overwhelming to some. Some customers only want to hear the viral social media kind of stuff with up to the minute news (which is our vision for @SoftLayerNotify), but it's tough to abandon the social marketing piece because it's been so measurably successful for us.

With that being said, we want to hear from you about what you like and don't like about our social engagement. What you would like to see more of? What would you like to see less of? Do you like it? Do you hate it? We're definitely listening ... Well as long as we're not busy getting ready for the next flash mob.


September 4, 2007

The Customer is Always Right

Yes, even when they aren't. If you think about it, they ARE why companies are in business. Every business has customers no matter how large, small, or what type of business. Without them we could just drop out of college and sit on the couch and ponder the things we could be doing. Without them we would have "No phones, no lights, no motor cars, not a single luxury" and we might as well be stranded on a deserted island. Customers give us reason.

Traditionally large companies had all the money, power, and employees, and could service customers faster and more efficiently. In today's world the playing field has leveled thanks to technology as smaller companies can use services on demand and have the same footprint as the large companies. For instance, when I wanted cookies when I was younger I had to either drive to the store and buy them from the bakery or the shelf, or bake them. With the internet and the technology wrapped around it today you can order them online and then they deliver them right to your door. You can see this trend in many markets. Need a used car? No need to go get harassed by a used car salesperson anymore, just go to eBay Motors and if the car doesn't work out you can always sell it on Auto Trader. That is much better than a classified ad in a newspaper that fewer and fewer people read. Technology is a wonderful thing! It also makes it easier for the customer voice to be heard.

In the past if you didn't like the service you received at a restaurant you could complain to the manager and maybe get a free dessert or appetizer on your next visit. If a mechanic overcharged you for work on your car you really didn't have a leg to stand on you simply paid and grumbled. If someone broke their word and took money for a service, then didn't actually complete the service, you could sue them but in many cases the rule "you can't squeeze blood from a turnip" applied and you were still out of your hard earned money nonetheless. Sure, you could use the word of mouth rule, "they tell two people and so on and so on" but in most cases this was a futile attempt at restitution. Technology is changing that. Today it is corporate and personal blogs, wiki's, social networking sites, and forums that help keep individuals and companies in line with customer expectations. A derogatory blog about your company can really affect your business depending on its viral popularity. Forum posts can get out of hand and prompt unhappy customers from many years past to jump on the band wagon again and tell of your shortcomings. This makes reputation management something that all companies have to consider. Times have changed for the marketplace and the best reputation management is to simply make every customer a happy customer.

I think in reality all customers aren't always right (I will await the beating in the comments!) but as a Service Company it is our job to always say "yes" when asked for something by a customer as long as it is legal and Internet-friendly. The request is usually something we should be doing anyway. In the long run you have to try to create a long-term relationship with every customer and if you can then it becomes a "win-win" for everyone.

Now, go tell two friends!

I wonder if WiFi is available on my deserted island yet.


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